do you know how to protect your computers?

September 17, 2008 11:32pm CST
do you know how to protect your computers against viruses and hackers etc. etc.?
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19 Sep 08
I do! How 'bout you? I guess you dont! Hahaha! Here's some ways on how to protect your computer. 1. Use anti-virus software. 2. Run Windows updates. 3. Use a strong password. 4. Install reputable licensed softare. 5. Check the source of your e-mail; be careful with e-mail attachments. 6. Avoid disreputable websites. 7. Pay attention to UIS security alerts. 8. Lock the screen or logout when away, shutdown the machine when not in use. 9. Don't use an administrative account for daily work.
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• India
28 Sep 08
the main thing is antivirus you can use antivirus like AVG so that they will protect from the unwanted programmes and unwanted things in the computer it will check each and every page when you open and give alerts.