what do you think why other student cutting classes??

@mhae15 (744)
September 18, 2008 4:46am CST
Hello.. I probably say that the one of the reason of their cutting classes because of the student is computer games.. Because many students get addicted in the computer games like the other violence game.. Their Parent's thought that their children study very well.. But some parent's go in the school to check their children if it's go to school regularly or everyday.. The teacher could be called their parent's to say to their parent's that they are not attending their classes regularly/everyday.. Are you familiar in this situation?? or What do you think why other student cutting their classes??
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@Shavkat (77755)
• Philippines
20 Dec 12
For some teens, they have the moment of cutting a class. They might be having problems at home or being pressured in school. If the parents would sense this kind of behavior, they need to ask assistance to help the child for destroying their lives. Education is the most important that teens needed to reach their dreams.
@fleriszy (64)
• Norway
18 Sep 08
i think students do it maybe because they they find the class boring or else maybe they have many things to do and they do not prioritize that class. Also other cut in their classes just to have fun with friends, gimmick, partying and other forms of socializing activities=)
• China
18 Sep 08
The students cutting classes maybe have no further goals in their life,I think it's the reason.
@mkrijos (80)
• Philippines
18 Sep 08
Student cutting classes because they thought they could run their lives free of hassle in class which sometimes called to be boring; sometimes it done only once a month, a chance that there teacher will not bother to ask, or his absence will not be discovered easily; no assignments, or projects to present at school; its part of their leisure and pleasure to play along with friends, other friends who has the same idea as they have, going to malls, computer or just to fool around. But why? its such a Free time that they can imagine. Free time with friends, specially with battered, strict, nagger, budget manager, or parents/guardian who were too much in control of their teeners life. What they should do? Talk to them, be with them, ask if they have problem, or what they want? Are you around when they wanted you, if not, be visible to them, maybe you are stranger or ghost to them? What Freedom do they want? Let them Free for sometimes, but be there always, maybe they want to say something.And dont forget to say "I LOVE YOU"
• Philippines
18 Sep 08
may be they don't like the lessons... well there are times that i just want to just right off the window to escape the professor (when i was still a student).