do women prefer to have one best friend more than men prefer to have one friend?

September 18, 2008 8:40am CST
Although it is great to have lots of friends, I think women in general tend to have one friend in particular that they call a "Best Friend". Men seem more to call all friends just mates. Maybe I'm wrong but I do tend to have one friend that is a best friend although quite a few good friends. Girls - and I'm afraid this comes from when I was younger - do well either on a one to one basis or in groups of two or four or six. A threesome is not good..Boys on the other hand get on well if they go around in ones, twos, threes etc... Why is that do you think?
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• India
18 Sep 08
As far as I am concerned friends are their of the girls and boys both but as afar as Best Friend is concerned, either one or two. I do not think that one can go for a life time with all the friend One have. Only one can be a best friends who develops the family relations and friends become family friends. As regasrds the girls,they too have friends may it be casual or best. I will complete it in the next the power is gone.
@Vrbani21 (197)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
18 Sep 08
I don't believe in man/women friendship stuff because sometimes even goodloking guys fall in love with "bigger ladys" and that stuff, so none of the above