White trash symbol of America...so not true

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September 18, 2008 10:02am CST
Someone made the statement a few days ago at work that bulldogs are the white trash symbol of America......these statements really irk me. As a proud owner of the most loving bulldog statements like these tick me off a little. We have a Blue Pit and we are far from trash. We got her from someone that was going to put her down. She had Parvo. The moment I laid eyes on this little puppy I fell in love and got her and took her to the vet for treatment. $1500.00 later I had her back. She is almost 3 years old now and the biggest baby ever!!! She has a sucky, yes she sucks on her blanket at night and she sleeps with us. The parvo stunted her growth so she is smaller that the average bull dog. We got a cat 2 years ago and she nursed that cat and was a mommy to her, they play and take naps together all the time. The dog has NEVER been trained to be mean, she has been raised with alot of love. My daughter who is 4 loves her and the dog loves her. Of course as a small percaution I do watch the dog and Raina together. Not all bulldogs are bad. People talk about the meaness of these dogs and the attacks. People need to realize something about all dogs. They all can bite and have the ability to be mean and aggressive. Especially if someone they dont know ot they think are going to cause ill harm to their family. I remember growing up that Chows were the unsafe dogs. I am just a firm believer that a dog is going to be how it is trained to be. Our dog barks but once she she's that we are acknowledging the person and they are OK she is fine and just wants some attention. Some people are just idiots.
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@vmksvmks (413)
• Canada
18 Sep 08
I am on you side I love animals particulary dogs and that will never change There are brutal things done by some dogs but when you consider the number of dogs we have running the neighborhood it is a very small percentage that fall into the dangerous family Excellent post and i hope many get on board Good Luck and Have a Great day .I will with Amber,coco,and bear and you guessed it my chihuahua dogs that are family and loved by all you come in contact with them
• United States
18 Sep 08
Personally, I think rebel flags are the white trash symbol of America, but I'm not going into detail at this time. Bulldogs are awesome and I don't think any particular breed of dog should be categorized as unsafe. Any dog can be unsafe if it's trained to be that way. I recently adopted an abused dog who was kept locked up in a pen with a full-blooded wolf. He had to fight for food everyday as a puppy, just to survive. He's a Bernese Mountain dog/Newfoundland mix with one blue eye and one brown, he's an intimidating sight. Everyone said I shouldn't get him because he would always be mean and aggressive with food. I'm proud to say that Beast, our dog, is the BEST and absolute smartest dog I've ever owned. He's protective of our house, but not to the point of being aggressive and he's a natural born babysitter. He follows my kids all over our 5-acre property and I've never had a problem with him when it comes to food. The problem with aggressive dogs lies with the owners.......not the dogs.