Death penaly---is it a solution?

September 18, 2008 10:36am CST
How can you solve a crime by creating another crime? Many people said that death penalty is the best solution. The criminals will be scared to commit crimes because of such punishment. At first, I agree with these people but later on, I realize that it is not. With the implementation of such punishment still crime rates are soaring high. What does this mean? Are criminals not afraid to die? Or they just don't care at all. Being a Christian, killing a person is a mortal sin. It is clearly stated in the ten commandments. Who are we to take other people's lives. Life is the greatest gift we recieved. Can you imagine your family members or your friends be sentenced with death penalty? It's not easy my friends. If the crime committed is too heavy, then a life-sentenced punishemnt should be given. That kind of punishemnt seems to be too much already. Thank God death penalty is suspended in our country today.
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