Why is it that everybody wants to be up in my business

United States
September 18, 2008 10:43am CST
It seems that everybody wants to be in my business especially when its about my kids. Everybody always got something to say about what were doing wrong and how were doing it wrong. Don't nobody else raise my kids but me and my husband so to me nobody else get a say in nothing. Oh and my kids are happy and that's all that matters.
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@jonesy123 (3949)
• United States
19 Sep 08
Join the club. Seems like that nowadays everybody has something to say about how to raise kids, even those who don't have them, lol. But they gladly and loudly voice their opinion. Even the best kids misbehave on occasion. That doesn't make you a bad parent. I have learned to politely ignore those people. But occasionally I just say with my best sarcastic voice, if you would have kids you would know better, or, way back when when you raised your kids things were different and kids were all well behaved. That shuts them up. I had complete strangers try and meddle, when one of my kids has a meltdown in the store. Of course then things get worse. And I will totally angry say, thanks for making this worse, I guess you didn't know better after all. Yeah they all think they know better, lol. Only moms with kids around the same age give me knowing and encouraging looks of been there done that.... Just ignore those people;)