what was you most erning and how did you do it? who is the bigest lotter?

@irnodz (12)
South Africa
September 18, 2008 3:14pm CST
here is your right to brag, who is the biggest lotter? my biggest earming isnt even enough to mention. what was your biggest daily earnings? how did you do it? ...
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@Adamantix (103)
• Sweden
19 Sep 08
I´m just like you, I´m just hetting started but next moth I´ll be able to brag about how much money I make,. But the thing is to combine different programs and use money from one program and invest it into another. And soon I´ll be postting images that will blow your minds, I´ll also do videos and show u guys my paypal account. Anyhow. Currently this program is the one that´s bringing in the money that I´m investing into bux.to and other programs. INSTANT PAYMENT, MIN PAYOUT $2 so you don´t have to wait long until you can decide if they pay or not =) http://www.neobux.com/?r=Adamantix
• United States
22 Sep 08
When will people learn not to post referral links?
@fasttalker (2797)
• United States
24 Sep 08
I'm a new kid on the block too. But so far $0.63 has been the most in a day. But I guess you live and learn. Posting pictures and taking time to leave informative and lengthy responses helps too. Depends on how much time you have to devote to it. I'm sure there are some tricks to the trade that I know nothing about too. Good Luck and hopefully your earnings will increase soon! Happy mylotting!
@jfilips (261)
• United States
19 Sep 08
Well, no idea who is the biggest lotter, although I would like to know Oo. As for me, my earnings are well... low. But I have tried a lot of things and posting lengthy and quality responese are definitely the best way to boost your earnings. In the first days here for me I just posted quickly and with very short answers. I erned crap. Later when I first tried investing sometime on making a decent and smart response, I was surprised when I checked my earnings the next day xD!
• United States
18 Sep 08
My largest sum of earnings was $18.43, I was very active at that time and had a lot of time on my hands. I posted quality discussions and responses (at least in my opinion haha), and I made sure to have somewhat lengthy texts. I don't think I will ever really get my earnings that high again, since I work a lot and I go to school just as much, so that's seventy hours that I can't be on mylot, and I also have to sleep, so it is rare that I get to sit down and talk here, though maybe I can get a few responses in before work. I get a paycheck today, and I believe that pays a lot more than mylot, so I will just keep my day job and enjoy mylot in my spare time haha. I definitely won't make payout this month, but next month I will likely make it if I do my best with the time that I do have here. If I do that I will be a very happy person. Have a great day and enjoy your mylotting!