How to loose 20lbs of body fat!

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September 18, 2008 9:09pm CST
Doing a jugging every day during the morning it's a good way to loose weight. Controled yourself with what you are eating. A lot of reseraches show that the impossibility of controling themself abou what they are eating is the big challenges for the one who are getting weight.Dance is also a good sport for people who want to lost weight.
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19 Sep 08
trust me if your big jogging is a horrible way to lose weight. Its bad for you ankels and bad for your knees. If you are highly over weight you should start out walking a normal route everyday. Once you start to progress you can start moving faster and faster... however this generally should take around 6 months. I recommend that if you are bigger trying to lose weight hit the swimming pool. Your weight will not be straining any joints and you will get an outstanding full body workout. Of course changing the eating habbits is also a plus. Stay away from sugars and fatty foods. If your sticking with eating salads eat creamy dressings that are low in calories and don't overuse -- keep them simple raw veggies, lettuce, and grilled meat if using not fried. Don't eat anything fried. Try to eat mainly fresh veggies and fresh fruits. I love drinking v8's and iced T's. Green T will also boost your energy levels for work outs just drink some at least 1 hour before hitting the gym ^_^ don't push yourself to hard or to fast. Keep it slow at first. While its true the cardio in dance is good, you will want to keep it on the floor -- don't jump around. Hope these tips help! Happy mylotting!
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19 Sep 08
I have started walking about 10-15 miles per week. It's just as effective as jogging, but, as someone else also mentioned, it's not as harsh on your joints and bones. I have also increased my intake of water, cut back my food portions just slightly each meal, and started doing 30-40 minutes of low-impact aerobics a few days each week. I have lost about 5 pounds in one month and my goal is to lose 10 more pounds and stay fit. Small changes are easy to make and become part of your lifestyle and routine.