China Famous Tea(D)

September 18, 2008 10:39pm CST
6. Pu'er tea in Yunnan Pu'er tea leaf tea on the basis of a new breed of tea. Pu'er tea, also known as Dian Qingcha, the original distribution hub in Pu'er County, so named, has since 1700 years of history. It is used Lok Yau, Deng Ping, Reliance and other 11 counties for the tea, in Pu'er County, named for processing into. Tea tree into trees or tall trees form of tea, Yaye extremely fat Velvet cents dense and has a good hold of the tender, Yaye excellent quality. Their production methods for Asia Qingcha method of fermentation, the fixation, the beginning of kneading, fermentation early reactor, rehabilitation rubbing, and then heap fermentation, dry early, then rubbing, In ancient times, the Pu'er tea is as medicinal. Its quality characteristics: high-Rui lasting aroma, with the Yunnan tea leaves of the unique characteristics of flavor, the taste of thick-rich irritation; resistant foam, the brew is still holding five of six flavor, thick soup Orange, Zhuang thick leaf buds, Yellow-green color of a red red stems and leaves, strip stout strong, Baihao coluds. Pu'er tea is powder and teatwo.
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Well i like lemon tea very much and black tea is very good anitoxidant for health