Do u like to travel for a long time?

@mhrmasum (678)
September 19, 2008 1:30am CST
I like to travel for this evry month i will go for a long time travelling with my frnds
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• China
19 Sep 08
for a long time, ok, i like it , i wanna always on the road, that's my dream, though. i feel the travelling is the most important thing i want to do in my whole life, maybe i am a little crazy, but i enjoy the feeling when i am on the road, life is a journey, i don't know how long is it, but i wanna travel as long as i can, travelling all around the world, i think many people have that dream, me too, i don't wanna make it as a fairy tale.
@maximax8 (30105)
• United Kingdom
19 Sep 08
Yes, I love to travel for long periods and short periods of time. I have enjoy traveling to overseas destinations mostly alone in the past. These days I travel with my toddler son. I like to go to countries that have friendly people, interesting wildlife, historical sites, picturesque landscapes and fascinating cities. I adore going to palm fringed beaches and going snorkeling but I most also have some adventure. I travel once or twice a year overseas these days. In the past I traveled on some long trips, like around the world in just over one year and to New Zealand in a few months. I like to travel by train most of all because it is comfortable and I can enjoy seeing great scenery. I travel by plane sometimes because it is quick and planes can go faraway. My used to travel with my friends when I was a teenager, but then didn't do so anymore. They like package tourism and I like independent traveling.
@magna86 (1787)
• India
19 Sep 08
travelling!!! ?? i am somewhat so lazy to do long travels!! i don hat it, but i prefer sitting at home!! sounds strange rite? ya even i find it strange!! but there are exceptions! if the place that i am going to is a place where i have not gone before, then i would surly not miss that trip! i love to go n a vacation, but situations dont support it!.. so i miss going on a vacation! any trips with my friends.. i love them! it would be a memory everlasting, that could be treasured in the future! all of us shouting , singing songs, having fun!!!! it was memorable for me !
• Philippines
19 Sep 08
if i can afford a very long travel, i would, because i love to see nice places. so what are your travel plans? where do you want to go? how much is your budget? who will go with you? do you have enough pocket money in case your cards are offline, you can still afford to buy/purchase stuff that you need?