Killer Stock Market ?

September 19, 2008 7:26am CST
At least two families have committed suicide after the stock market went crashing down and families lost millions in a span of a few months. These families lost such huge amouts that they could not cope with it, and they decided to commit mass suiside. The saddest part is that they killed the little ones also, the poor little babies who for no fault of their own got killed by the parents. At times I feel it is better to be away from the stock market and be happy with what little interet the banks pay, for at least you are sure to get your money back. I am sure there may be many such families in the world who must be suffereing today. Is playing the stock market safe. Please advice.
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• India
19 Sep 08
i really feel sorry for them, the stock markets have been so volatile tat people have lost thousands of rupees with in sapn of 2 days. it was really sad to hear tat they killed them self. The most distrubing fact is, the way they killed them selfs and there dear ones. in today morning newspaper i have read that one stock broker lost 10 lakhs of rupees and comited suside. he brought petrol and killed his wife, 4 year child and finally himself. i cant understand y he did tat, killing dear ones and himself needs lots of daring and guts, if had show atleast 1/2 of daring and guts to improve his family life and finacial position, they would have lived today happyly. i dont understand who has to be blamed for this, the governament or himself.
• India
22 Sep 08
Ananth, when desperation sets in, nothing seems right. Your mind refuses to look beyond the present or how they can overcome this huddle. Maybe he had borrowed monty and could not pay back. Whatever the reason, suiside is not the answer. It takes a lot of guts to commit suiside as you so rightly say, and I too wish he had decided to wait it out. Lets hope their souls rest in peace now.