Who is the man you need urgently at present??

September 19, 2008 7:37am CST
I just have gong to work for 2 monthes.So I need friends urgently.You may think I have few friend at present.Actually I have a lot of frieds now.That's due to my character. I think I am a good man.for example, when i was a child ,i seems to know something.I don't want to let my parents unhappy,i always help them do homework,sweep floor,make food ,respect old people ,ready to help others and so on .So the people all around me always like me.Fortunately i passed the college exam.i work very hard in the school,so i also study the second degree major in low. then i passed the postgraduate exam .So my classmate is too many!! It is probably 400.So my friends is not little.In the past time ,in my eyes ,i think friend is classmate ,is workmate ,is the people who is friendly to me.But now i need friends,i need the people who can help me earn money ,who can help me solve the problem which i encounter in my work.even though can i build my own family ,support my young children and old parents.Can i buy the house and bread. So now i need fried who can help me!! Friends ,who is the man you need urgently at present??
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