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@maximax8 (30127)
United Kingdom
September 19, 2008 8:29am CST
I went around the world when I was 20. My route was London-Los Angeles-Hawaii-Fiji- Sydney-Adelaide-Cairns-Darwin-Singapore-London. I used Singapore as a base to pop over to Indonesia and Malaysia. I flew with Virgin Atlantic and Qantas. The highlight on my trip was seeing wonderful Australia and its lovely landscapes. I was amazed by its unique wildlife. I missed out on going to New Zealand on that trip. I was lucky enough to go there when I was 30 and I did another long trip. My route was London-Los Angeles-French Polynesia - the Cook Islands-Auckland-Christchurch-Samoa-Los Angeles-London. I flew on Air New Zealand. Have you been around the world? If so what was your route and what did you enjoy seeing most? If not which countries would go love to visit on a trip around the world?
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@kayrod2 (1304)
• Australia
22 Sep 08
hi max. no, i have never travelled overseas. i not in a hurry to either. i am in australia, and yes it is a beautiful country. i have so much to see in my own country, that i would one day like to travel around. i am in country nsw, and have been to queensland and tasmania. if i did go anywhere overseas i would love to go to england, and maybe germany. whether i ever do though, i dont know. best wishes to you and take care
@Evixfel (86)
• Singapore
19 Sep 08
It is unfortunate that you used Singapore as a transition point only... You should have done traveling in my country :) If I have the time and money, I would want to visit Germany then from there travel the most of Europe by train I would also like to travel Japan as well. Traveling around the world is such a privilege to me....
@maximax8 (30127)
• United Kingdom
19 Sep 08
No, I have luckily explored lots of lovely Singapore and have now been there three times because I like it so much. Your trip around the world could be Singapore-Tokyo-Vancouver-London-Paris-Berlin-Rome-Singapore. I hope that you will do much traveling and enjoy it very much.
@wolfie34 (26791)
• United Kingdom
19 Sep 08
Wow! You did all that when you were 20? Did you go on your own my friend? I am both impressed and jealous! I haven't flown any further than Europe, but as you know it is my dream to go to New Zealand, obviously flying from London there will be a stopover enroute, I think Hong Kong? on one of the brochures I was reading for Single travellers which looks interesting. I probably won't be doing that till 2010 now, I'll be 39 but I think still young enough to go. I will definitely be travelling on my own, which I far prefer because you can do as you please!
@maximax8 (30127)
• United Kingdom
19 Sep 08
I was away for just over one year on my trip around the world when I was 20 and was on my own except for the first ten days. My older sister came with me to Los Angeles and then I flew onto Hawaii alone and she flew home. I was on my own for my trip of a few months to New Zealand. I think that you could go on Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific and British Airways for your trip in 2010. How about this routing: London-Hong Kong-Auckland-Wellington-Christchurch-Tonga-Samoa-Los Angeles-London? I know that you are going to love New Zealand because it is such a beautiful country my friend Wolfie. When I was 28 I flew to Australia and my route was London-Hong Kong-Perth- Singapore-London. Hong Kong was amazing and I so enjoyed it there. Yes, traveling on your own gives you much freedom and you meet lots of other travelers that you can chat to when you feel like it. It is excellent that you are planning to go to wonderful New Zealand in 2010.
@rainmark (4302)
2 Oct 08
Wow, your so lucky enough that you had your around the world travel from the age of 20. I never yet having an around the world travel. I travelled once via dubai and that's it. But i am still hoping and looking forward that one day i can do all the holidays around the world. Maybe when i win in the lottery lolz. Happy posting.
@sweety_81 (2125)
• India
24 Sep 08
You are surely into a lot of Travelling . I have only travelled to a few places outside my country . So it must have been a unique experience of being able to fly so much when only 20 . Regards Sweety_81
• United States
20 Sep 08
Some of the places I would love to visit. Africa, United Kingdom, Caribbeans Islands. Martha's Vineyard. California, Ireland, Italy, Greece. There are so many I cannot list all of them here. Anyway, I applaud you, keep going don't stop.