80' music comming back ?

September 19, 2008 8:53am CST
What about the 80's, i love that music, its that style comming back? You know the pop music of this generation, and i thinks it is pure crap it have no cult people, no1 of them have culture -.- So, we have to make the 80's back? yeah :) Think about! and have a good myloting.
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• United States
19 Sep 08
OMG, you have started a discussion on one of my passions! I am totally, fer shure, stuck in the 80's. I love VH1 classic and can spend hours watching all those old videos. Robert Palmer (sigh), Motley Crue, Ratt, Poison, Van Halen, I love them all. I wouldn't be heartbroken if that kind of music came back. Now, the fasion of that era I wouldn't want to see come back. Those big shoulder pads were a pain!
• Uruguay
19 Sep 08
10 Apr 09
80s music is definatley coming back all the new bands that seem to be coming from sweden i.e. vains of jenna, crashdiet to name a few are bringing back the sleaziness and the raw rock n roll style of 80s music and as people listen to these new bands and discover the bands that influences them i think they start to discover the aweosmeness of the 80s metal, glam metal, glam rock, anything that came from the 80s realy and i think slowly but surely the fashion is starting to creep back into society aswell =P
@marty3888 (2360)
• Acme, Michigan
20 Sep 08
A little bit. One good example ois the song "rockstar" by Nickleback. I havn't heard music like that since at least the 80.s. A good source of 80s music and videos is thefox.com. The videos play real smooth too.