Help from a teens Mother!

United States
September 19, 2008 9:19am CST
Hello,how is everyone on here?Well I have been facing my own issues with my teen daughter.I have recently found out all kinds of things about her,as open as I am with her I just do not understand.I have found out about her myspace,and her making out in the bathroom at school where she is supposed to be supervised by adults,and she is sneaking behind my back.She and I do not talk like most parents do,I try to talk and she gets frustrated and I do not understand that cause I am so talkitive and I am really involved as a parent in my kids lives,I love to hear about there day I love to meet thier friends,I like to talk to parents,I thought I was a good mom but I am questioning where I went wrong I need advice what should I do?Who do you talk to without embarresing her and myself?It doesn't help when you trusted her to go to her bff house and the mother of her let my daughter make a my space...wellknew about it has seen my daughter making out and all and never told me,I am very disappointed with this parent and she also has invited a older boy to her house and knowing how I feel about that went behind my back and just finally told on my daughter only in retaliation though help any advise...I feel like a bad mom and I know I am not.
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@cher913 (25862)
• Canada
19 Sep 08
my daughter is 15 and i totally know what you mean. she has a facebook account and a bf (which we try to limit seeing) but our computer is in our kitchen so everyone can see waht she is doing and read what she is typing (even on msn). we are pretty strict compared to her friends families who let the kids come and go as they please.
• United States
19 Sep 08
the funny thing is we have 2 competers she is only allowed on it with me in the room they are in the living room I have been telling her for 2 years no my space account and she did not set this up here she has went to the friends house and did it,she knew better and yet the mother of her bff basically put it in my face,the two are no longer able to hang out and I will not be letting her go nowhere for awhile.It really stinks when you have parents out here that totally blow your trust,I am 31 and to old to go get in someones face but I felt so back stabbed when this lady deliberetly went behind my back with the myspace the inviting a older boy to her house then liyng straight to me,and dropping my daughter off at places without adult supervision around,makes me sick I know it stinks when we take our kids friends away but I do it because I love her and do not wanna see bad things happen to her she is too young and too pretty,I am worried about how things are going to go.