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September 19, 2008 9:31am CST
In my last dicussion i asked for advice from you guys on working from home online. I have spent hours trying out ALL your options and i found myself registering with all this sites that I have come to a point where I am so confused as to where am at. Some sites i have seen a little progress, others i will have to wait for a long while to see the benefits. I came a long a wesite called that claims that you can get paid $5-$75 per survey. Infact its gone on to claim that you will get $20 straight away after you join. The site looks so beautifuly done and seduced me into checking it out but as you continue registering, at the bottom appears the BIG shocker. In order to complete the registration, you have to pay them a deposit of $34.95 for unlimited membership. Now thats when i had to give up and ask my fellow mylot members if you have ever heard of this site and if its true? Is it geniune or Scam? Do you get continuous supply of surveys or is it the odd survey in a month? Please respond as i desperately need your help. Thanks and i look forward hearing from you.
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@yasha1 (193)
• United States
19 Sep 08
no, i have registered in my points and zoom panel. its an gud servey site i am collecting points through serveys..and get rewards when i have 1000 points..
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19 Sep 08
And how much is that in terms of cash?
@marina321 (4556)
21 Sep 08
Haven't heard or come across it but I tend to steer clear of any sites that require a joining fee. I use only those that are free to join and you can find some on my blog. For survey sites, I'd recommend Lightspeed and PineCone Research as my fave ones..the rest I use are listed on my blog and you can also check 'Survey Police' for scam sites