We Are what we think what have you maifested lately

September 19, 2008 9:40am CST
We are what we think our thought and feelings create our reality Recently I have manifested several meditation classes and I love them I am searching for bliss. Some times I find it but it can be fleeting. What have you mnifested lately
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@cbreeze (1206)
• United States
19 Sep 08
Hi Flower, I have recently become a student of this concept and I find it to be true. It is difficult though because I am trying to retrain my mind from years of wrong thinking. I am really practicing trying to check those bad or negative thoughts at the door of my mind and replace them with good thoughts. It is a very slow process and it actually is hard work because you need to be always on guard. I meditate now and that has gone a long way to help my attitude and outlook. I am a more calm and rational person. I react better to adversity. As a result, problems and issues that used to take a long time to get thru are now short lived. I have even seen money start to come my way from unexpected places. I am training myself to be more greatful for everyday blessings that we take for granted. I've learned to put things in their proper perspective. Stop caring about what other people say or think when I know I am trying my best. So the harder we work at controlling what we think the more consistent we become with what we manifest in our lives.
20 Sep 08
Hi thanks for you response. I know what you mean about the hard work My mind does not retrain as easily as I think it should and that what I precieve as negative manifests the same as the things I precieve to be positive . I am a huge fan of meditation, affirmations, positive thinking tapes movies and cds. The more I practice the stronger I get and now All these beautiful meditation classes have opened up to me and that is bliss. If you ever want to discuss books and web sites just post