romeo and juliet

@Keola12 (794)
United States
September 19, 2008 10:02am CST
Romeo and Juliet is, in my opinion, the most beautiful love story of all time. I also believe it to be Shakespeares greatest work. It a story of tragic love, because of the strong hatred that went on between Juliet's family (the Capulets) and Romeo's family (the Montegues). Romeo and Juliet had to be discreet when they were alone together, in that they had to keep their love affair secret from their families. The only way they could be together was thru death. Well, actually, Juliet got a potion from a friend, and the potion was designed to knock her out cold; thus, giving the illusion of death to fool both her parents and Romeo's into thinking she was dead. Then she and Romeo would sneak away together and go somewhere where no one knew them, and they figured they could live happily ever after. But things didn't turn out that way. When Romeo went to Juliet's body, she didn't wake up, and he thought she was dead. So he took his own life, so he could be with her. When she finally did wake up, she discovered Romeo laying dead on the ground. She then killed herself. Not only were Romeo and Juliet united in death, but their deaths united the Montegue's and the Capulet's, in that both sets of parents reconciled their differences between the two families, because in their fued, both sides lost. When I first read Romeo and Juliet, it was when I was a freshman in high school. It moved me then and it still moves me everytime I read it. I also saw the movie of Romeo and Juliet for my English literature in high school. It too was deeply moving and the most beautiful piece of work I ever had the pleasure of viewing. The play was the most beautiful of Shakespeares work I ever had the pleasure of reading. It's my most favorite play of all time.
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@Philbo (579)
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26 May 09
Whether it is the greatest love story ever written I don't know. I do know this though if you are going to be a serious writer in the English language and you will have to read a study this play. So much of the symbolism of this story has literally become part of the language. This is true of a lot of Shakespeare's work.