itune sucks

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September 19, 2008 10:53am CST
LOL, ok, some people may not think so, and I never did until now. I was having problems with Itunes loading for me. And when it did load, it would be open for so long, and then just shut down on me. Once I checked on the trouble shooting, it recommended me to download the newest version of Itunes. Ok, fine, I did that, and I installed it on my computer (it's a new PC so I know it doesn't have a virus). I've been working with Itunes since I purchased my Mini a few years back and never had a problem with it.. so it's not because I have no clue as to what I'm doing.. LOL I keep my music on an external drive to avoid killing my hard-drive. Again, I've had my external drive for a few years as well, and never (and still don't) have a problem with it. Here's my problem... When I downloaded and installed the new version of Itunes, it gave me the same results as to the problem I was having before. I had put music onto Itunes so I can update my Mini, my dad's video, and my friend's shuffle. Well, after it shut down on me, when I reopened my Itunes program, it turns out that all my music has been deleted; all 2000+ songs. Ok, fine, I'll just add it back on from my external, turns out, Itunes erased my songs from my external drive as well!!!! WTF!!!! I've checked my recycled bin on my computer and in my external drive and nope, it's not even there. I even tried to do a "System Restore" to see if I can get back the music before I put it on Itunes, nope, still nothing. So, if there are any Computer People out there that has had this problem and willing to share or help, please by all means, help away. Of course, Itunes doesn't have a hotline or customer service number I can called and complained. And I would hate to do everything all over again. Most of the CD's I had use to put onto my drive is no longer available. And I don't want to go through 200+ CD's that I still have to put back on my drive. It took me months to get my list of music. So again, please help. Thanks, Giggles
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@Aiwendel (105)
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19 Sep 08
I think the reason is you're on a PC, itunes kinda sucks on PC sometimes. Its great on a Mac though.
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29 Jul 09
Sorry for the late reply... Yes, PC does suck, but when funds are scarce to purchase a Mac, I have to make ado with what I can. LOL -giggles