Do you have the genealogy bug?

United States
September 19, 2008 1:07pm CST
About 25 years ago, I decided to start seaching my ancestors. Computers weren't really popular yet. Several years later, right after the internet started, I did a search on one of my great grandfathers using the Family History Library data. The first time I hit royalty back in the 1400's. Wow! I was hooked. I've been searching ever since and between my husband and I, we have over 33,000 people in our database. Even better, I love helping others do the same. If you're interested in getting started, let me know. But be prepared to become addicted to genealogy. My husband called himself a genealogy widower for several years because he didn't see me much. Now he helps me.
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@bwaybaby (904)
• United States
31 May 10
I started two years ago when I used's free trial. Someone uploaded my maternal grandmother's family tree all the way back to 15th century France. The trial expired and I haven't quite had the chance to work on it any more. My paternal grandmother has done her family tree, but it's all on paper and I haven't had the chance to get a copy.
@isaiah12 (417)
• United States
26 Oct 08
I have been researching my ancestors for about two years now. I began doing it for info in a new book I'm writing. But I never realized how interesting it would be. I didn't have too much trouble with my mother's side. Her mother was a writer and had done some research on the family tree herself. So I had that to start with. Then I was lucky enough to run into some one that was also researching my mothers family. But my father's side is a different story. My father is a Martin. But his father was born a Montigny. And along the way some of the family changed their name to Martin. While others kept the Montigny name. Some times when doing the research I will find them under De Montigny. And then my father's mother! I can't get any further back than my great-great-great grandfather. When I first began my research my father said it was passed down that he never spoke about his family. While doing the research I've ran into that was born in Amsterdam. He ran away from home at the age of 16 when his father remarried. He joined the Dutch Navy, but when he diserted his family disowned him. During the War of 1812 he fought for the British Navy. He moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Where he married and their children were born. Then the family moved to Massachusetts in the US. It is like a mystery trying to get any info on his parents. Along the way I've found some real interesting facts about the family here and there. And my father has really gotten into it with me.
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19 Sep 08
Same here husband and i both work a lot on ours.It is so rewarding just knowing where we came from and who our ancestors were.I can search records for hours and never get tired of looking.Thanks for sharing