favorite thing to do when hanging out with your friends

United States
September 19, 2008 1:33pm CST
Three of my female friends and I have gotten into the habit of gathering at my house on Friday nights, drinking wine, and watching movies. It started out as a one time girls night thing, but has become sort of a tradition and i absolutely love it. We gossip about men, talk about the movie we're watching or tv, tease each other, and just enjoy each other's company. We've also had some pretty funny moments when the wine hits us to hard. What's your favorite thing to do wth friends?
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• United States
3 Nov 08
I am about 300 miles away from my friends so when I do get to be with them, I just want to be with them. Usually we just go out to dinner and stay for hours (servers probably hate to see us coming). Or we'll go to the mall and wander around, kind of shopping but not really... more just being together. Or we go to a bar and have a few drinks and talk. It's a lot of talking, catching up because I only get to see them once a month, if even that often. I'm working on moving back but I worry that if I'm around all the time, we won't spend as much time together.
• China
20 Sep 08
Friend is important to us,I think everyone agrees with me,having friends make our life colourful and interesting,the favorite thing in my mind is this vacation,I have two best friends, no matter what happen and no matter where we are and...we alaways care about other and miss eath other,I value this friendship much,this summer is a good recall for us,sleeping,shopping,talking.....we do this togather,this sounds little funny,but bring us happness.
19 Sep 08
Until we moved about every other Sat we had 3 couples (sometimes a stray wanders in) over and we would sit on the porch and talk or play games. I loved that time. Now that we are 1000 miles away we are working on making new friends. One of my friends and I like to go to little theater's to check out their plays. Tonite we will be hitting the midnight matinée of the rocky horror show.