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@jairgirl (2877)
United States
September 19, 2008 2:01pm CST
Today is my day and i cant believe how time flies, i am 28 - whew! i know i havent been here for awhile due to health issues but i am happy that i can log in today before i move along and celebrate my day with you guys. I had a wonderful night last night coz my man gave me an early present (like he always does LOL). i have spoke with all my closest friends and family at 12 midnight. it is like a tradition that we greeted each other at 12 midnight to start our day, my mom called late and i have to tease her that she slept late and didnt wake up the time that she is supposed to - she just laughed and told me that she is getting old and that she needs a lot of time to sleep haha. my bestfriend and her son called me as well, it is amazing that despite the years that passed by we are still connected with each other even if we are miles away and almost fail to communicate as much as we can. oh well, it is just amazing that they all remember haha. my hubby announced to his colleague that he have to take me out for lunch today coz he need a date so everybody knows - i was teasing him that they might think that i am such a spoiled wife that he have to demand a couple of hours to be with me specially in a very very hectic schedule. we will leave this afternoon to spend a day or two at the beach. we will celebrate there and enjoy the weekends as well. i havent been in wilmington beach (wilmington, nc) so it will be fun. the weather seems to be cooler so hope it wont be that bad when we get there so we can at least enjoy the sunny day. our dog is really excited coz he sees me packed our stuff last night and he sneak in just about the time i am putting his electric collar at the luggage - pretty sneaky ei? haha! so what's your special day today? i know to most everyday is a special day even at this crunch time BUT i adore them that despite all the stuff that is going on they still see the beauty of it. something that makes me think about every birthday of mine. stuff that i did and NOT... and i just cant help but smile coz each time i look back i see my self doing the right thing not only for myself but most of all to those that i care the most. hope you enjoy your weekends and i am hoping that i can be able to spend more time in mylot next week. i have so much to write and post LOL... that's how much i miss being here... have a great one!
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@Carolyn63 (1403)
• United States
26 Sep 08
Hi Sweetie, Sorry I didn't respond sooner. Things have been crazy at work. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and the tradition is so precious! A belated happy birthday to you dear one. Have you been back to the doctor? How are you feeling? Just because I don't get here everyday doesn't mean I'm not thinking of you. Blessings, Carolyn
@muscare (3068)
• Australia
26 Sep 08
Hello jairgirl, congratulations on your birthday last week, hope you had a great and wonderful time. 28! Wow, you really are creeping along there, you'll be old before you know it, LOL! I don't know that about the teasing part, I think you probably are always spoilt by that hubby of yours (and you deserve to be!). I also 'celebrated' my birthday last week, on the 18th, but I'm not sure if you really celebrate turning the big 40. I had lunch at a friends place, she cooked up my favourite food for my wife and I, then I celebrated at dinner with my family, and then my five year old son wanted to have an extra celebration on the weekend with just my wife and my son and me. He doesn't like to share me with other people sometimes, LOL! I haven't been on mylot for quite some time, I think it all started when our computer crapped itself, then I guess I just couldn't get into it again. I have wondered how my friends have been going, especially my good ones, and now I see you've mentioned something about health issues. I hope it's nothing too serious, and will keep you in my thoughts.
• Canada
19 Sep 08
It's nice that you are back and we all need a day to celebrate now and then. I hope you are making the most of yours. Nothing much going on around here, just another day sitting at the coffee shop here in Guelph trying to make a buck. It was nice to read your post. Have a good day, and have fun celebrating.
@vanities (11397)
• Davao, Philippines
19 Sep 08
happy birthday jairgirl..cool!!!i havent experienced to be greeted on a midnght...that is on birthdays...wish you have more birthdays to come and good health for you and your hubby..
@checapricorn (16047)
• United States
19 Sep 08
[i]Hi jairgirl, wow...Happy Happy Birthday and wish you all the best of the best in life and more more more blessings for you and your own family! That is exciting and you deserve that, declare a holiday there since it's your birthday..hehehe! Anyway, enjoy and we will be looking forward to have you back! special day today? hmm...It was just a regular day for me today and last week, had a great surprise from hubby, a dinner and a shopping spree..hehehe! Tomorrow will be a dinner with in-laws, my hubby's birthday gift to his dad for his birthday so, it will be a break from mylot! LOL! Enjoy, I know you will....[/i]