greatest band of all time

United States
September 19, 2008 3:31pm CST
Who do you think is the greatest band of all time? Why do you like this group so mcuh? What makes them better than all the other groups? What is your favorite song by the group? Why is it your favorite? What is the meaing behind the song? do you relate to it?
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@1hopefulman (45633)
• Canada
22 Sep 08
Beatles forever! Just love their music. Love their songs. But I like a lot of other music also. I just like music.
@madgoose (75)
19 Sep 08
The greatest band of all time has to be The Jam. They were influencial for so many bands that would come after them. They were the first real indie band out there with catchy tunes, you can't beat songs like "A Town Called Malice," "Eton Rifles," and "Beat Surrender." They just have great songs that have stood the test of time.
@klaudine (3651)
• Indonesia
19 Sep 08
I think OASIS is the best band of all time, at least for me they are LOL. I like them since 10 years ago, because of their music of course. I don't really care about their bad issues or their appearance, since the music is really good, I can't help loving this band so much LOL. My favorite songs are: "Don't Look Back In Anger", "Half the World Away", and "Stop Crying Your Heart Out". I don't know the meaning behind the song, I just like the melody and the lyrics, I like it and it reminds me of good days on my life. LOL.