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@Chevee (5915)
United States
September 19, 2008 7:48pm CST
This happened a long time ago, I am not into dating or a relationship now. My sister was playing match maker to a friend. She introduced her brother in law to a friend of hers, the friend and I were the same age. The brother in law was a single parent raising 2 children on his own, the friend was a widower. After the relationship got started the friend realized that this brother in law was a very strange person. The moral of the story is: The friend said she was wondering why my sister didn't try to match the brother in law with me being my sister's sister was because she knew that man was crazy. She hurried and got out of that relationship. Have you every tried being a match maker? If so how did it go?
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@checapricorn (16065)
• United States
23 Sep 08
[i]Hi Chevee, My friends tried to me one time and I didn't like the guy when I met him for the first time...LOL! I know it was rude to refuse his offer to have a lunch with me considering her traveled 4 hours in coming to the apartment we were renting with friends but for me, it is better that I will pretend that I like it...ANyway, he didn't even inform me that he was coming over and when he texted me that he is on his way to our apartment , I told him that I wasn't feeling good..hahahha! Anyway, after that my friend stopped trying since they Know I am very picky![/i]
@bunnybon7 (41930)
• Holiday, Florida
20 Sep 08
i've done it many times and its worked for years. but obviously my friends and family dont know me very well. they tried it and it never works with me. they just dont find the right ones for me.
• New Zealand
20 Sep 08
well yeah... and this was the hardest part... I matched make my own ex girlfriend to another friend... well it's like this... I loved her I really did... but our relationship was too complicated... and this guy likes her and I know she did too... so instead of fighting for her... knowing I won't win anyway... I sacrificed and sort of gave her to him... and I was left alone... and just as I used to do before we got together.. I was there for her through it all... I've always been the one she runs to even before we were together... and we ended up the same... but even when they were already together... I still loved her... but we were better off as best friends...
@DonnaLawson (4032)
• United States
20 Sep 08
I have never tried it becuase it scares me.. what if something went wrong, I would be blamed and I get blamed for things enough that I don't want to do something and it really be my fault.. I let nature take its course, if it is to be, then it will be.. That way if it doesn't work, then it will not be blamed on me..
20 Sep 08
Hi Chevee, I haven't made match with any of my friends I never had the opportunity to do that.