Does writing help you?

United States
September 19, 2008 8:23pm CST
I've heard that a common stress relieving tech. is to write. Not just about what troubled you that day, but just writing in general. Do you write daily? Does it help you work through your problems or help you calm down in some way or another? Just curious because I've heard it to be true, and mostly will differ between people(everyone is different) but curious how many of you that will leave a comment on this discussion say it does help you. Feel free to comment, the more the better. Thanx!
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@dodo19 (38654)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
21 Sep 08
I really enjoy writing, for simple pleasure and as a stress relieving technique. There is something about that just helps me to get thoughts, feelings, etc, out of my system. For me, it is a form of therapy. A therapy that doesn't require me spending a whole lot of money, but works just as well for some.
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• Philippines
20 Sep 08
I will say that this is true. Writing does relieve stress. When I am weary, I started to express what I feel through writing poems. I find it the best way compare on telling someone regarding how I feel. When times get rough, I will state everything in the poem and eventually I feel like the burden inside me is half solve.
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@paid2write (5202)
20 Sep 08
I have always written in private journals and diaries, to end each day by putting a few thoughts and feelings into words, or just to list what I've done, where I've been or what I've seen during the day. If every day I can write something positive, it makes me feel better about my life. I never wanted to write a negative diary filled with despair, but one which could give me some hope. On the worst days I could write nothing, or maybe I just noted that it was bad, but next day I would be able to write something a little better, maybe there had just been a brief moment which I could feel grateful for, or a hopeful thought, then I could see there was some progress in my daily life. Looking back on those journals and diaries, I can see that each day has something in it that stands out as being worth noting, and that is what makes life worth living.
• Singapore
20 Sep 08
I like writing. Writing lets me calm down and forget about the day's troubles. It also teaches me to be patient. I think it does help for me. I'm not sure for others, but some people say reading is more relaxing than writing.
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@fwidman (11515)
• United States
20 Sep 08
I think it can be very helpful to write things down. It does help you think things out a little clearer And, later, when you look at it again you can always laugh about what you wrote, seeing how silly it seems at a later date
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• United Kingdom
23 Sep 08
I think that writing can help you a lot. Writing certainly helps me! Writing for me is a form of release and I get tremendous pleasure from releasing my thoughts, as positive or negative as they may be, onto the page! When I have been suffering from intense stress in the past I have not put pen to paper immediately, instead I would relax for a little while, get my head together and then I would start writing. I'm presently seeing a counsellor, I won't disclose the details, but she advises me that I should record my thoughts as this can be a great help. So, I'm following her advice and it certainly benefits me. Good luck with your writing. Andrew