I found a pistol in my neighborhood park

September 20, 2008 3:26am CST
2 days back I found a real pistol in my neighborhood park while I was coming home from my tuition classes. it was thrown in the bushes surrounding borders of the park. It was just co incidence that my eyes saw it.At first I thought it was a toy but later I was horrified to discover that it was real. so not to let it go in the wrong hands i quickly buried it in the bushes. and never discussed it with anyone. So friends tell me what would you've done in this kind of situation????
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@pitstop (9712)
• India
20 Sep 08
While the right thing to do is to tell the cops about it at that moment and with the sudden fear its impossible to actually do it because your mind is screaming at you to run away!
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• India
23 Sep 08
hey that was Exactly what I had been thinking at that point of time !!! thanks for understanding me !!!!!!
• Bahrain
22 Oct 08
I think what you did was wrong. First of all, what would make someone throw a pistol down in the bushes? That's a question you should have asked yourself, and the answer is more than obvious. If you have taken it to the police, you probably would have helped solve a crime. Also, if the police found it later by themselves, aren't you concerned with the fact that the pistol has your fingerprints?! You should have reacted more calmly and not panic like that, I just hope this doesn't come to bite you anytime soon o.o
• Australia
30 Sep 08
First - Get all the bullets out of it if any! You don't want to accidently shoot anyone! Second - Tell parents!! Third - Contact the police!!!