Programmer = lifeless?

September 20, 2008 2:09pm CST
I studied Electrical and Electronic engineering at USQ(University of Southern Queensland). Right before graduation, received a few offers, but all related to programming. Took up this job as a programmer that pays pretty well. Its been 1 1/2 years now, i'm starting to feel lifeless, it seems work has sucked the life force out of me. I start the day lethargic, thinking of excuses skipping work.... I go to the office and find tonnes of unsolved problems, and i'm being thrown around different projects which means, i get to start but not end a project... which also means, i do not get the deserved recognition! So tell me, is life as a programmer really lifeless??
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• United States
20 Sep 08
I disagree with this. I'm a programmer to and I work everyday. In a way, (1)too much of anything is boring. I only work 1 FULL hour of work. What I mean by this is put lots of effort into finishing the "project" that hour. (2)you sound serious in your work. Lighten it up. By being serious all the time, you will become stressed and feel "lifeless". As the Buddha said "Do things that lighten up your soul". (3)look forward for something. Sometimes "lifelessness" can lead you down a bad road that may take time to get out. Take "mini"-vacations, do something new, and take in "fun" activities (mines dating :D). Hopefully, these tips can help you. And hope you feel bette.r
• Malaysia
25 Sep 08
Thanks for the response; Maybe it is the cultural difference, In my company, if you take a short rest or what, we are deemed lazy and will be given tonnes of things to do. I've got no choice but to go on till the day end. Even if there's nothing to do, i'll always pretend to do something. Maybe it is time for a change
@Leixa003 (867)
• Philippines
20 Sep 08
I think it depends on the company you are in. If it takes more than 8 hours of your life then you become lifeless is reallya problem. Even if one is not a programmer, but a job that is taking more hours in your life would really make your life less. I'm a programmer too but I can't say i'm lifeless. Happy myLotting!
• Malaysia
20 Sep 08
the official working hours is 8 a day, 5 day week, but we pretty much have to stanby in case anything happens. There was once My colleague and I had to work for 24 hours straight, totally sucked us dry then