Great Design PTC from a friend

@redkathy (3375)
United States
September 20, 2008 4:16pm CST
One of my friends here on mylot introduced me to gaborbux and I would just like to say thanks! It's a really nice PTC site. I am a big fan of well designed PTC sites and think that shows some integrity on the part of the owner. There is lots of news to read right on the front page, and has ssl security by displayed as well. I think the the best feature of all is that the ads open in the same window! Very similar to the new and popular Sandra Clicks. After the timer is done you click the green check and your back at the list of ads. The site really promotes it's advertisers too. You can buy banner ads that are listed before the PTC ads. First time I've seen that one. So what do you think... [b] Do PTC sites that are well designed and make news readily available more likely to be reputable?[/b] BTW-If your interested in joining it's the first banner in my profile.
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