Who are the best strikers in the english premier league.....

September 20, 2008 4:47pm CST
If you are given chance to pick 3 best strikers in the epl, whom would u pick. well my three picks are 1. fernando torres. 2. emmanuel adebayor. 3. dinitar berbatov. who are your to top three strikers ????
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• Singapore
21 Sep 08
1) Fernando Torres 2) Santa Cruz 3) adebayor
27 Sep 08
My choices would be 1) Fernando Torres 2) Lukas Podolski 3) Emmanuel Adebayor There's something about Dimitar Berbatov that makes him very annoying indeed. Perhaps it was the time when he was sulking too much, and wanting to go Man United.
• India
15 Oct 08
well..its tough to say .. who are the best three strikers in the premier league as there are soo many skillful , talented strikers but if i had to choose.. then .. it would have to be .. Wayne Rooney , Fernando Torres and Didier Drogba ..according to me .. these 3 are the top most strikers in the preimier league :)
@lakantar (1575)
• Greece
30 Sep 08
1.Carlitos Tevez 2.Dimitar Berbatov 3.Adebayor if i had an extra pic I'd choose as #4 Fernando Torres
• Malaysia
27 Sep 08
I have always loved torres not only because he's good looking but also because he plays for liverpool FC. I love liverpool. For me, he's the best player behind only cristiano ronaldo and I think you can consider ronaldo a formard player although he's not a striker he's a winger but he scores more than strikers do. Torres is my choice.^^
• China
20 Sep 08
Fernando Torres Peter Crouch Emmanuel Adebayor
@stvasile (7315)
• Romania
20 Sep 08
Well, it depends on what position you consider Cristiano Ronaldo to be playing. I myself consider him to be an offensive midfielder, but I've heard many people considering him to be a striker. Considering him an AM, my first 3 striker options would be: 1. Emmanuel Adebayor 2. Carlos Tevez 3. Fernando Torres