why is skateboarding hated by so many peopl?

United States
September 20, 2008 6:13pm CST
As Ive been skating town i always hear "hey pick that up""you're not allowed to skate here",or"leave the property right now".It gets so annoying.Why does everyone hate skateboarders.Skating is just a way of expressing yourself.You don't see people screaming at bikers,or ball players.Is it because we are always taking risk or what? If any one know why will they tell me.
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@Optimize (201)
• Canada
15 Nov 08
genshi i feel your pain lol. Ive been kicked out of so many places ive lost count. I completely understand why im getting removed but i do it anyways lol. The reason is, if your skating infront of a buisness building or something, it makes their building look bad. because theres teeenagers doing whatever they want there. Also if you get injured on their property, technically they are resonsible and it can resolve in court meetings. Also police officers, old people, and people in cars, hate skaters cuz sometimes they get in the way lol :p When im skating on my street i sometimes dont notice theres a car right behind me and they honk until i realize lol.
30 Sep 08
I think people hate skateboarders because they have a bad reputation. I happen to skateboard myself, and I hear people that hate skateboarders because most of them cuss when they screw up. Also, some idiots vandalize skateparks and that adds to the bad rep.
• Philippines
30 Sep 08
I think why many people hates skatebording because it makes you an accidents if you take a wrong tricks while you are skating... If you want skating, you could choose big space or vacancies to have skatebording to avoid injuries..
@LarienOB (103)
• China
21 Sep 08
Em...friend..it hard to answer your question exactly..and not everyone hate the skating.I love sport ,but i don't konw alot of skating.Infact,i think it's cool when you playing skateborad in the right place..but many people feel dangour when someone pass you by a skateboard.And i feel worry if i see a man skateboarding on the street.Because it's too many cars!!Especially the rookies!!!