Who likes the new facebook?

United States
September 20, 2008 8:48pm CST
Personally I dont like the new facebook because the layout is poor. It's so hard for me to find stuff and i keep forgetting where the apps button is. I heard that the creator had to change it so he couldn't get sued. What are your opinions on the new facebook?
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@dinxcarin (595)
• Singapore
27 Sep 08
I used to hate the new facebook layout..But now seems they're still improving on it and there are lots of discussions and groups petitioning to get the old facebook back..I'm trying to get around it and explore more. The result is, I think it's nice. You just need to get used to that change. But I do miss my old facebook profile. Good thing I had created a video on it just before it was updated. Add me on facebook peepz..:)
@aanthe (61)
• China
26 Sep 08
i never use facebook, because of its layout and slow speed. i like to visit some forums, sharing my topics, that's cool
@marzoeki (138)
• Indonesia
22 Sep 08
new facebook more bad than the old one,, i more like the old one,, more simple,, and not make me confuse.... why the programer do that,, did he doesn't know that the new one is soooooo bad!!! grrr,,,angry angry angry....X-)
• Canada
21 Sep 08
I hate the new facebook as well . I can't find half my applications and I am getting more error messages then I did before . They layout is terrible and that white screen is really bland to look at . I wish we could have kept the old facebook but since this is not an option , I guess we have no choice but get used to this one . I never heard he would sued though . What I had been told is he was not happy with the applications and the way these applications were making money off his site . Of course we will never know for sure the real reason for the change and we will adjust eventually but I still don't care for it .