Character Matters More Than Reputation

September 21, 2008 12:50am CST
Worry and dread are a waste of time and do not set a good example for others. This is especially true regarding your reputation and influence. Why live in fear about things such as whether you will gain public recognition in your profession or community? Or whether you will get the opportunities and perquisites that others do? Don't be bothered by such concerns as "People don't think well of me," and "I'm a nobody." Evenb if your reputation were really to matter, you're not responsible for what others think of you. What real difference does it make to your character and well-being if you have a powerful position or get invited to fancy parties?None at all. So how is there any dicredit in not being a power broker or a celebrity? And why should you worry about being a nobody when what matters is being a somebody in those areas of your life over which you have control and in which you can make a real difference? "But without power and repute I won't be able to help my friends,"you might say It's true that you won't give them say.It's true that you power. But who really expects that such assistance is yours to give anything that they don't have? "Still, it would be great to have money and power and to be able to share them with my friends." If I can get rich and powerful while preserving my own honor, faithfulness to family, friends, Principles, and self-respect, show me how and I'll do it. But if I have to Sacrifice my personal integrity, it's stupid and silly to urge me on. Besides, if you had to choose between having a loyal and honorable friend, which would you choose? It's better if you help me become a good person than to push me to do things that threaten my good character "Well, what about my obligations to my country?" What do you mean? If you're talking about making grand charitable donations or putting up fancy building, is that really an issue? A metal worker doesn't makes shoes, and a shoemaker doesn't make weapons. It is enough if everyone does well what he or she is supposed to do. "Well, what if someone else were to do the same thing as me?" That's fine. IT doesn't make your contribution any less valuable. "But what about my position in society?" you ask. Whatever position you can hold while preserving your honor and your dielity to your obligations is fine. But if your desire to contribute to society compromises your mortal responsibilities, how can you serve your fellow citizens when you've become irresponsible and shameless? It's better to be a good person and fulfil your obligations than to have renown and power
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@clarkmy (428)
• China
21 Sep 08
more emphasis is put on material life than on spiritual life in modern society,people di anything in their power to earn money to buy their house,,ect,people seek for power and money to satisfying his vanity.leading to many economic issues.and lose reputatin themselves,
• India
21 Sep 08
Thanks for ur Reponse Your are always welcome to share ur opinions and coments on my discussions Please keep in touch Thank you Once Again