Corrupt Hard drive

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November 6, 2006 6:27am CST
Last Wednesday (Nov. 1) I was happily writing a story and checking on my message boards when my computer went kablooey! Just like that. It won't even boot up anymore and I am so sad. It said my primary hard drive was corrupt and it failed. Now I have to take it and get it fixed. Luckily we got the 3 year warranty thing from Best Buy when we bought and it doesn't expire until January. (the thing isn't even 3 year old). Hopefully it is just Windows that is corrupted because I hate to lose everything on the drive. The secondary part of it has all of my family photos on it and I haven't backed them up since June. I tried to do it after I got the warning that my hard drive was going bad but there wasn't time. I want to cry. I have taken some beautiful pictures since June. ALWAYS BACK UP FAMILY PHOTOS! You think I would learn but I don't. Anyway. We bought a new computer yesterday because we got a good deal. It was a store model so it is a little dinged up and it is somehow missing it's sound driver (so the speakers don't work--and it came with speakers) but it has a duo core processor running at 3.0Mhtz each, 2 gigs of memory and like 460gigs of hard drive space (although the little sticker on the front says it comes with only 300gigs--bonus!). We also got a $125 gift card for buying it as is. Once we get the other computer fixed (if we can--or replace the hard drive) then we will give it to the kids so there will be no more fighting over using the computer, lol.
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@msqtech (15075)
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9 Nov 06
get a autobackup then you wont have to remember it
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