do you have the habit keeping vicks or any other pain balm

September 21, 2008 4:20am CST
i have the habit of applying vicks or any thing sort of this. while going to bed but my husband is not happy about i need your suggestion.
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@rup011 (725)
• Germany
21 Sep 08
Its better to not get into a habit of something. Your husband is right. You should only use it when you need it. Otherwise you won't be able to go to bed with using it. Just try avoiding it. I am sure slowly you will be able to get rid of this habit. I know some people cannot sleep without applying vicks or amrutanjan or other balms. But its really not good. Listen to your husband. He is right.
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• Philippines
21 Sep 08
Pain balm is a basic medication its not an everyday or everynight necessecity. Thats a bad habit you got there. Remember anything thats too much is bad and anything that is less is bad also. I recommend using it when you only have muscle pains or cold and flu.
@lilaclady (28207)
• Australia
21 Sep 08
When I was a kid and we had a cold we used swallow a a bit of vicks, that is all we ever had, I read on here one time that when you have a cold it is good to put vicks on the sole of your feet and then put socks on so maybe that would be better than rubbing it on yourself...
@seeths (413)
21 Sep 08
yes,I used to have the habit of applying vicks but then not anymore as my hubby gets really wild and he gets irritated when he sees the vicks bottle.Once it so happened when he saw the bottle he got so wild that he threw all the bottles. Regards
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