do you say i hate plastic people but are you one of them?

September 21, 2008 4:30am CST
a friend of mine once wrote about a blog about this how real are we to others? we say we hate plastic people but thus makes us hypocrates we have friends and then when something goes wrong they stab you at your backs better yet we always have friends who asks us for favors and they talk behind our backs don't you agree, i must agree a lil chismis and rumor makes the world interesting but its not nice when we pull other down and then we say this term.. so who agree's with me?
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• United States
21 Sep 08
there are so many people that are very selfish and inconsiderate. I find myself being inconsiderate sometimes and it genuinely hurts me . I sometimes dwell on it too much actually and wonder what i could have said or done to have made the situation better. I suppose sometimes you have to be a lil selfish to make it in this big huge world , but i think when we take it to far like hurting someone and it affects them for the rest of their lives emotionally . That is too much . Sometimes if we step back an weigh things out for a second like . If I have that last piece of pizza and I am not that hungry will I feel better about that or letting my starving friend over there have it make me feel even more so . Stupid analogy but if you take it on a grander scale well then you know . anyways what I am trying to get at is , use your grey matter and take a step in another persons shoes for a second before you take that last piece of pizza. I am not sure what do you think?
@angelia286 (2029)
• Singapore
21 Sep 08
I agree with you on this. Similarly, I hate people who stabbed me in the back when I least expect them to do so. Trust is built over time, and there is just a little thin line between a hypocrite and one who is trustable. Once that trust is broken, it's gone, and hard to build up once again. That is why I surround myself with friends who are frank and in my face. They don't care that they will hurt your feelings and tell you straight to your face what they think of you, and what they don't like about you and so on. Though it hurts, these sort of friends are those who are much better than those who smile to your face, and gossip to your backs. When you confront them, they don't dare to confess to what they had said. Those are the sort of people who I abhor the most. If i ever discovered that one of my 'friends' had been talking behind my back, the friendship would all but be severed. There is one of my so called good friend who had seem like a very good friend in front of me, but behind my back, had been spreading lots of rumors that is totally untrue. However, when I had confronted her about it, she refused to admit to what she had said, even when those friends that she had spread the rumors to stood up and confront her together with me. Needless to say, she's no longer in my phone list and I am no longer in her wedding invitation list. But, then who cares? Who needs friends like that? For me, I too don't talk behind my friend's back. When I have something that I am not happy about a particular person, I would say it right in front of that person's face. Even when discussions about the particular person turned up, I would make sure that the particular person knows all that is going on. True, I might had stepped on a few people's toes along the way, lost a few friends because of my bluntness, but then.. that's just me. i don't wish to be plasticky like so many others. Rumors that is true is fine by me, but rumors that are not, or exaggerated is just plain not nice. It would be great if everybody don't gossip and stick to minding their own businesses. The world would be a much better place should that happen.