how many hours you spend online in a day.....

September 21, 2008 5:58am CST
lol...we people been adicted spending our online..each and every one spend alot of time on guys how many hours you spend on net in a day..??
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26 Sep 08
i spend a lot of time on internet.... i am just too much addicted to it... sometimes i spend whole night on the internet...... many times i dont realise that i have spent so many hours on the internet.... its just the passion for me...... i just cant imagine life without computer and internet...
• India
26 Sep 08
well i have the internet access here in home itself so i spend lot of time on this right now free so... but once joined the job quite naturally it will reduce
@kymommy72 (588)
• United States
22 Sep 08
I used to spend hours and hours online. I would get home from work, pop on the puter and be up til one or two in the morn. It's so addictive! You start seaching for one thing and that page leads to another page and to another..and on and on it goes until you realize you have been on for three hours already. However, now I am married with two little ones, so my puter time is very limited. I usually get on when the kids and the hubby go to sleep and stay on for about an hour or hour and a half.
@anneshirley (1516)
• Philippines
22 Sep 08
If I am not at work, I devote my whole afternoon in the internet especially since we are using a broadband connection. I would watch a film or chat or surf, or do whatever I find worth doing in the net but as for the days I am at work (Mondays to Fridays), I can only devote a maximum of three hours online.
@mimico (3618)
• Philippines
21 Sep 08
I'm one of those people who are currently hooked on the internet! I go online as soon as I wake up then leave only at noon when I go for my daily workout. Then I'm back online until I go to sleep at night. So on average, I spend 10 hours a day on the computer. And when I use the computer I just HAVE to use the internet.