can a father raised a child even he has a mental disorder?

September 21, 2008 8:11am CST
I was walking through the street and wondering a father act like a child, maybe a 7 years old. And he carried away her daughter to bought an ice cream. I asked one of his friend that, he raised her child for almost 7 years without a partner.
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• United States
21 Sep 08
Yes i believe he could i have work with people with mental disorder's for the last three years and they are as capable as any one, they just need to learn how to manage there metal disorders. And i know a lot of so called normal dad that act like kids and raised there kids just fine.
@klaudine (3651)
• Indonesia
21 Sep 08
Are you familiar with the movie "I Am Sam"? It is where Sean Penn become the father with the mental disorder and Dakota Fanning become his daughter. I believe that ever person in this world (even the sociopath and psychopath) has some relation with other people deep inside their heart. Even people with mental disorder still have the feeling, and the heart to feel. Yes it is possible for a father with a mental disorder to raise a child. I know that if it is known by a social service for children, they would take the children away because of the father's disability of being in a stable state. But still, I believe that they really able to do that