LOOKOUT! for the Minute Wizard

@BzyBee (26)
United States
September 21, 2008 8:59am CST
Apparently there is a minute wizard who will steal minutes from your cell phone at random times.... I'm so sick of people calling and saying, "I never used my minutes, the phone was just sitting on the counter; this is a scam! You better credit me for the minutes I went over or I'm calling the FTC. OK, I'll put you in touch with the fraud dept.... OHH, you don't have time to speak to someone who will check into the matter... HMMM that's wierd if some one was stealing my minutes I would want someone to look into it for free. What a bunch of A-holes you really think just because you order me to give credit to your accont that I am obligated to do so without blinking an eye....HA HA HA
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