Adventures in Cleaning the Floor

my girls - my girls, two cats
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September 21, 2008 2:36pm CST
I have two, precious and wonderful cats that mean to the world to me, but the hair they produce, I could live without it. Both of my cats are white, which means that the hair shows up on anything that they stand, lay, or even walk past. Don't ask me about wearing black clothes, it's impossible with these two. Anyway, they shed, and it is a lot, and we have beautiful hardwood floors. Mind you, it's over 1000 square feet or more of of wide open hardwood. The problem is, the girls shed so much, that all the floor becomes a huge display of white hair, that is almost impossible to keep up with. So to just try to get it looking semi-decent takes a little back ache and team work to get it into a shape that is a tad presentable by my standards. So my husband and I go tandem when the job needs done. I get out the broom and start sweeping the pounds of white hair to try to order them into a manageable pile. Of course,I want my husband to man the dustpan so that I can at least get some of it out of the house, but instead he has his own idea of what he wants to do, and he grabs the vacuum to suck up the piles instead. Meanwhile, I find all the areas that we may have missed and find a nice little surprise. First off, I must say, the girls use a litter box, and I keep it very clean for them. I wouldn't want to step in my own waste, so I make sure it is kept up for them. So the surprise I find is a few little petrified turds that have been in a corner for who knows how long. Clean that mess up, and then continue to sweep. Then after the sweeping and vacuuming has been finished, I then bust out the Swiffer, to grab up as much of the hair that has been missed by the broom and the vacuum. Once that is finished, the vacuum is utilized yet again to get anything else that it can. So the whole process takes over an hour. Even after all that work, the floors still have their hair on it! Mopping, oh no, you don't want me to get started on that.
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@jonesy123 (3950)
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21 Sep 08
Yep, with pets like that you have to vacuum at least once a day just to try and keep up with it. But it's still everywhere. Cat hair just likes to cling to everything and somehow manages to get into places where you have no idea how on earth it could have gotten there, lol. But they are cute;)