What is the hardest thing to find in shops?

United States
September 21, 2008 2:53pm CST
For me, it would be..books? So many types of books... ; ) What is the hardest thing to find for you?
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@Rainegurl (2158)
• Philippines
21 Nov 08
hi MinruWind for me it would be clothes and shoes. clothes because it is hard to find my size. i have a small built but i am not slim. i am not fat either. i am not tall. :-! shoes because i am very choosy when it comes to shoes. have a nice day!
@smacksman (6074)
30 Oct 08
The hardest thing for me is finding my way around a huge supermarket. I rarely go so each time everything is in a different place. I can usually find the booze rack haha. but for something like spices or ear buds it can often have me going round in circles for hours on end! Books I find much easier but then I usually shop for a particular book or a particular author and the staff in bookshops are really helpful.
@hiddenwing (3721)
• China
14 Oct 08
For me, it would be ...books too. Well, then, I am not that interested in other things in shops and it is quite easy to make a choice
@bowtieguy (5924)
• United States
23 Sep 08
For me it is music, if I am looking for somethin gthat is not from this year I usualy have to travel to a few diffrent places to find it.
• United States
22 Sep 08
Well I'll tell you a couple months ago we were having a baby shower. One of the games called for the safety pins that you use in cloth baby diapers, you know the ones with the plastic ends.Well we went to walmart and the other stores around town and found no where that sold them.I guess no one uses cloth diapers anymore huh.Well needless to say we didn't get to play that game.
• Canada
21 Sep 08
For me it is the right size of clothing my children take . I swear if I go in looking for one of my daughters I will find a ton of stuff for my son in his size , on sale or something I know he will love and if I am shopping for him I will find the right sizes for my girls . It is always the one I am not planning on shopping for that I am able to find for . When I went school shopping for the children I was unable to find anything in size six for my daughter who was starting school this year because every store I went into either did not have her size or wanted thirty dollars for a pair of jeans for her and there was no way I was going to pay thirty dollars for something she will outgrow in a couple of months . I ended up having to shop online and am still waiting for the stuff to come in . I felt really bad for her because it was her first year and it was always a big deal with my other children that they had new clothes to start school in . Thankfully I think it bothered me more then it did her and she is excited about the stuff I ordered for her online .
@DFrodeo06 (1325)
• United States
21 Sep 08
clothes that i like that i will actually but for myself. I always shee clothes that i like but they are generally much more then i would want to spend!
@sharay (2776)
• India
21 Sep 08
Books, yes to me too, but more than that is clothes for my daughter for i find it very difficult to get a good one i like for her, i shop around six to seven places before getting her some clothes...it is not that there are not any good ones, but i want to get the best for her