this puzzle problem certainly beyond me!!!

@MIKEDC (207)
September 21, 2008 10:39pm CST
why someone else is more tall and giant than me.just depends on they like eat beef and drink milk.i like milk,but recent days all of milk were have serious problem,those quality have sth which will cause people sick!!!lithiasis!!!maybe the other element is that oriental's physical structure is quite different with foreigner!!
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22 Sep 08
Hi! The very first determinant of height is heredity. If both parents are tall, and the earlier generations are tall too, chances are great that the siblings/children will be tall. Another thing is that when a person has a disorder called dwarfism, then there is a hormonal problem, and there is a low chance for this person to be any taller. Milk can just help make your bones stronger. In the early stages when the bones are still growing, for example, prior to 18 years of age, any intake of bone growth stimulants may help. Racial difference is also another thing. The body structure which we have acquired from one generation to the next is retained within the race.
@MIKEDC (207)
• China
22 Sep 08
wow how a nice answer.thank you buddy..that is great answer!!