Where do you prefer to have a piercing if it is possible?

September 22, 2008 3:11am CST
A lot of us consider that piercing is a work of art. nowadays, people try to imitate certain ethnic groups coming from different countries on deciding where to put their piercings. As a mylotter, where do you prefer to put 3 piercings if you were given a chance to have them? Please specify the location and the reason why you want the piercing there. HAPPY MYLOTTING! :)
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@eveeee (659)
22 Sep 08
Hmmm, I would want to start with getting my ears re pierced. They were done so many time when I was younger, but they have closed up since. Then I would consider a small stud in my nose, and then my belly. I couldn't do tongue piercing as I have seen too many people suffer from it, and also I always wanted my eyebrow pierced, until I saw a bad infection that affected the whole eye. I will possibly in reality get my ears redone, but this will be my limit. The rest I would think about but probably would not go ahead with.