Do you often listen to music??

September 22, 2008 4:28am CST
In the past,I always listen to music.The music can make me feel wonderful,can let me easy.Sometimes can make crazy!So I love to listen music! But,at present,I don't listen to music frequently.Because In the daytime I have to work all day long.In the night ,I should set time to study.So the music disappear from me gradually!! So ,freinds,Do you often listen to music? When do you listen music??Do you think It maybe waste your time?
4 responses
@INGA832 (1114)
• Russian Federation
22 Sep 08
I love to listen to music very much and can listen to it all day long. It's like a back ground coz I don't like to work in a silence. Music is with me when I travel or simply walking. I also like to listen to music before falling asleep.
@cyaoping (141)
• Malaysia
22 Sep 08
I love and need music.There is a time i work at Singapore there is no chance to hear a music.When i found a radio i so happy and excited.Now i only listen when i need to calm down. Else is now i listen to get paid so i listen lo.
@blogs86 (370)
• Philippines
22 Sep 08
well i don't think that music wastes my life.. i really love listening to music from waking up until sleeping down even though during classes, but only snacks time and for me is emotions..everytime i listen to music it stirs up different emotions, such as, in love, angry, crazy, alone, and joyful..
@hessyen (176)
• Romania
22 Sep 08
in can't live without music. i believe like 4 ours a day i listen to my favorites song. it relax me and makes me fell good