Hoping you can read every discussion which you respond carefully

September 22, 2008 10:36am CST
Before i read post carelessly,because all in my mind is money,now i try to change it,i will read and respond every discussion carefully,hoping all of you can be careful,it will show respect on discussion who start.
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@iskayz (5422)
• Philippines
23 Sep 08
Hi! I always read the discussions that seems interesting to me. I don't just read it but I try to understand it especially the topic holder's queries if they are any. I want to give my best respond as possible. Share everything I know about the topic and answer every question in it. I don't just respond to earn but I love the sharing of ideas here in mylot and if I share a lot, I earn a lot too. Ciao!
• Indonesia
22 Sep 08
yes, i am almost similar with you. before i used to just read the subject and glance the description before answering a discussion. sometimes it worked, but mostly not. sometimes i even got complain from the starter as i post a respond implying that i didn't read the whole story and just responded it based on the subject, which is actually tricky and didn't at all represent the discussion. so i had to ask an apology and responded properly. yes, that's my past now i am getting older here and i think it is about time to slow down and try to put sense on every post i make, and give priority to make friend and post quality - at least proper post. that's good you realize from the comparatively early times. take care.