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November 6, 2006 7:14am CST
Again I am 28 years old with three beautiful children and have never been married. My relationships are lucky to last a few months. My question is why is it that a guy sits here and complains about the girl in their life, or complains about what he didn't like about his last girl and than when he finds the total opposite of everything he complained about he breaks up or cheats on her? Do they like being treated like crap? Do they just like to be with someone they have to constantly complain about? Is the good girlfriend just too good to them so they decide to break up with her because she doesn't give him anything to complain about to his friends? I have to laugh because men are always talking about how women are so hard to figure out, but they are just as hard. We are not as different from each other as we all seem to think. Just curious to know what it is a man really wants from a woman. Do they even know what they really want? They say they do, but again when they get exactly what they want it still isn't good enough. Of course, women aren't any better, but since I am a woman looking for a man than I am only talking about men right now. LOL!!!! Tired of being alone all the time, how about you?
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@lovesummer (1162)
• Malaysia
10 Nov 06
you know what.. i have something to share you.. subscript "Christians Carter's" umm what is that.. he is gonna send you some articles about guy and help you to understand man. i had read most of them i foun them useful. maybe you should have a look too? he has some really good ebooks too. and what i wanna tell you is.. everything happens for a reason... i dont know if you belive in God.. in this case, God want you to know sometihng thats why he made something happen to you.. he wants you to grow up from your experience.. etc.. it seems to be God is telling you something,but you just dont get it.. well.. but trust me you'd be fine. God Bless.. !
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10 Nov 06
Thank you for your response. I know about him, can't afford to pay for his stuff, but you are right he is pretty good. God Bless to you too.
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7 Nov 06
They want what they think their friends would want; then their friends don't think it is all that great and start them to doubting. Some women are like that too. As the saying goes "The grass is always greener on the other side" I like it better when I tell them from the get go I am not what they are looking for and I remind them daily. For some reason they are harder to get rid of then LOL just joking. although I would swear that is how I got mine......LOL ok mom will quit teasing now. You will find your man one day I promise. I think it is like the poem. I wish you enough suffering to appreciate what you have. Maybe you have to suffer awhile until the right one comes along to make you think he is the world even when your friends say he is a pain, jerk whatever. Lifes little joke on us maybe? Have patience-- not my strong point either. love ya