Stop me making a fool of myself LOL!

@overhere (515)
United States
September 22, 2008 11:23am CST
OK so four years ago I moved to the USA from the UK. In November I am making my first trip back since then and I have just found some UK coins that I must have had left when I moved. Logic says take them with me and spend them but I don't want to look a total idiot when I produce a coin that is no longer in circulation. So come on you Brits whats changed in the last four years?
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• India
22 Sep 08
It happens only when the currency had been demonetized am I right. I do not think that currency in the UK has earlier been demonetized in the last four years. If it has and and I can suggest you to keep these coins with you as memory or you start collecting coins of other countries also to have your name in the Ginnie book of world record.
@overhere (515)
• United States
22 Sep 08
As someone who remembers the halfpenny it wouldn't surprise me if by now the UK had rid itself of the 1p or 2p which must be worthless now. They were when I left lol. I am dreading what the cost of things are there now :-(
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@amanda333 (739)
• France
23 Feb 09
Hi Overhere, If you don't me asking, why did you decide to move back to the UK, and not stay in the USA. Sorry if I sound nosey, but my family and I are thinking of moving to the USA in the near future. We are from the UK and have been living in France for the past seven years, and now the children are getting older, we would like to try America. I know America seems not right at this present time, but we haven't sold our house yet, has all countrys are in the same financial state. We were thinking maybe in about a year or so time. I just thought it would be nice to hear different experiences from a fella brit