Dealing with Difficult Family Members (rant)

United States
September 22, 2008 11:53am CST
I have an Aunt that I moved to AZ from WA to help with her animal rescue because her kids refuse to and so I worked for her through my entire pregnancy (for free) doing all sorts of things that were not that great for me i.e cleaning litter boxes, lifting and moving heavy bags of food, carrying large buckets of water, dealing with jumping dogs (13) and feral cats (over 100) other duties included cleaning all 9 rooms, 3 kennells, cleaning counters and changing all bedding and vacuuming. I worked for her 7 days a week and averaged 7 to 10 hours a day and sometimes all day long when she was sick or did not feel up to doing it and I worked right up until I went into labor, my labor started at 2 am and I got off at 4am. Then I took a 4 day break (including hospital stay)after I had my daughter. Within those 4 days my Aunt was bad mouthing me to her volunteers and saying things about how I had turned my back on her because I was not willing to leave my newborn at home with my younger children in order to go across the street and pull a 4 hour shift. Needless to say I went back to work for her and shortly there after (about 2 months) I had to move a ways away. Once I did this I was unable to get over there to help because I don't drive and couldn't afford to pay someone to babysit or for gas. Now, I have received really crazy delusional emails from her that do nothing but say how horrible I am and how I never helped her and that I was selfish and just don't want to have to work. I am a mother of 4 and work online all day long and do everything it takes to help support my family, so hearing this after all I had done for her just has me so extremely angry I just do not even know what to do. I have not talked to her in over a month but really do not want to leave it like it is. Any suggestions on how you would handle this would be great!
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@nicholejade (2430)
• Canada
22 Sep 08
What an ungrateful person. I really feel for you and you totally should not of been doin the things that you were. Pretty much everything that you were doing was a no no. I am surprised you worked there right up to the time you were in labour. I do give you alot of credit. I really don't know what I would do in this situation. I would be furious and I would honestly blow up at her. I am sure you don't want to do that though. I would send her an email back and tell her all the times you helped her out and if you are that selfish and ungrateful to her that she should just leave you alone and don't bother about you anymore. That is the nicest thing that I could come up with.
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24 Sep 08
That actually is a good suggestion. I have done my best up til now to not email or contact her in any way because I do have a very short temper and not sure I'd keep it in check. I like the idea of just keeping it short and simple and telling her how she is acting and to just forget about me though. Even if it does not bother her at least I will not have to deal with it anymore.