Going to the top!

Mountain in the Cascade range - I took this picture while driving east from Seattle Washington
United States
September 22, 2008 2:15pm CST
As some of you know i just returned from a trip to the west coast of the USA. While there I saw some amazing sites. One of the most amazing site was the cascade mountain range. In the middle of this range is an even more beautiful site; Mt Rainier. I had the opportunity to climb to an elevation of 6400 feet. The mountain itself is 14,400+ feet. While I was staring at the mountain and the glaciers clinging to the side of it I decided something. I want to climb to the summit of Mt Rainier. It is something inside of me that is driving me to do so. Some would say that it is midlife crisis. Others would say I am just trying to prove something. All I know is that I really want to do it. I do not have a time frame of when I will do it, but God willing I will make a trek up the mountain. I know that it will take training and I will need to loose some weight, but it would be worth it. What goals have you made for yourself that others and sometimes you will tell you that it can't be done? How many times did you give up? How many times did you succeed?
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