for all you hunters, i need some help/advice!

United States
September 22, 2008 5:17pm CST
i am not a hunter, nor is my husband. but my husband's father was an avid hunter. he died when my hubby was young. well, my husband has a few things that belonged to his father, and among these things are about 5 hunting knives. i would really like to do something special for my husband for christmas- i got a great idea when i found the knives in a box in the basement. the problem is this- the knives are old and the blades are very rusted. i would like to get them cleaned up really nice and put them in some kind of display case on the wall in honor of his father. but i don't know where to start with this. ok, not the whole truth, because i have tried looking in the phonebook and on the internet for places around here that may be able to clean them for me, but i am not having any luck. is there a way i can do it myself? i just don't want to ruin them, and i want them to look very nice and professional- maybe have the handles cleaned up, too. one of the knives also has a broken tip that, depending on the cost, i would like to have fixed as well. please help!!! i have no idea how to do this or who to call or anything. any advice or tips would be so appreciated! :)
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