lifes toll on mental health

@ladygator (3468)
United States
September 22, 2008 9:07pm CST
My best friend and I talk about the way that this world is headed and I have to tell you, it seems to put me in a state of panic. It leaves me feeling like we are all stuck in an invisible hurricane that you cant even prepare for. I have a family to support and keep positive so how is it that I am suposed to do this in a life so uncertain?
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@camomom (7535)
• United States
14 Oct 08
I have found that I feel the same way. It's scary these days. I can't afford daycare or gas if I do work, so I quit my job to stay home with my kids but I'm not any better off. My kids are happier an better taken care of but now we are really broke. I found that I've been really depressed lately because I don't know what to do. Go back to work or stay home. My dilema is, now that I don't work I have better health care through the state then I had when I was working. I also get $450 in food stamps and I don't have to pay for gas or childcare. I also have all the time I want with my babies. If I do work I have to pay for worse health care, I lose my food stamps so I have to pay for groceries, I'd have to pay childcare and for gas and I'd still have no money and I'd lose time with my girls and fiance. I have no idea which is better for me. The economy is such a scary thing to think about right now. I have recently been physically sick from being so depressed and worried about money.
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@skaterx (530)
• Finland
3 Apr 09
Yeah its always depressing thinking about the world situation. The way is to stop, and just live in the moment, or get back down to earth and think about your family, and your friends, and not so much the global state of things. When you feel more positive again you can be more proactive about the world, but the truth to feeling calm is being accepting of your lot, what you have right now, appreciating the things you have, and then working towards being more happy slowly.
@ladygator (3468)
• United States
6 Apr 09
You know, you are so very right. I posted this so long ago and here is a great response several months later. I am pleasantly reminded. You have a lovely evening skaterx.